Sunday, February 12, 2012

TV: NBC Has a Wonder Woman After All (News)

After spending the last six years on TV winning over geek hearts as the sassy no-nonsense reporter Lois Lane on SMALLVILLE, Erica Durance has found her way onto our TV sets yet again and this time aimed to take those hearts throbbing into overdrive by slipping on the silver bracelets of Wonder Woman for an episode of HARRY'S LAW.

The episode that aired on January 11th on NBC, starred Durance as a psychologically damaged woman who takes on the persona of the popular DC Comics character to exact vigilante-style justice.

Since the last Wonder Woman project (the failed Adrianne Palicki NBC tv pilot) went nowhere, I thought it was only fair to share the image of another gorgeous and talented actress donning the star-spangled outfit. Erica Durance crush renewed.

Watch a clip of Erica's appearance on HARRY'S LAW last month on Hulu.

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