Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GAMING: Mass Effect 3 Demo (News)

The much anticipated third installment of MASS EFFECT, from EA and Bioware was released in demo form earlier this week for its various platforms (PC/PS3/360). Featuring two levels from the single-player campaign and access to the co-op multi-player portion of the game that is new to the series.

MASS EFFECT 3 continues the story of Commander Shepard as time has run out and the big bad threat of the previous two games, Reapers, have arrived and besieged Earth. Reunited with the Normandy and the Virmire survivor, it is up to Shepard to rally the different nations of the galaxy into a coalition big enough to fight back for survival.

Here are two of the promotional trailers that have been released so far. One is the first video of the series to use the female version of Shepard instead of the male and showing gameplay, while the second pulls heavily the emotional cinematic themes of the story.

Download the MASS EFFECT 3 Demo here.

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