Sunday, February 19, 2012

COMIC: DC Brings Back Smallville for Season 11 (News)

Comic books are quickly becoming the afterlife for geek TV shows that end their run but have a following still wanting more about those characters.

In the footsteps of shows like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL, that found new life in comic book form for Dark Horse & IDW respectively, now the former CW mainstay show, SMALLVILLE, is making a transition to ink and paper.

Officially called SMALLVILLE SEASON 11, the comic book will pick up where the show ended in last May's finale with Clark being Superman and Lex Luthor back in the mix. Writing this next chapter of SMALLVILLE will be Bryan Q. Miller, former writer of BATGIRL who has experience with the Smallville universe having written several episodes over the last few years. Drawing the interiors is another BATGIRL alum, Pere Perez.

The other unique aspect to this new book is the method of release. It will be a digital first series starting on April 13, 2012, nearly one year after the show's two hour finale as smaller than a regular book digital chapters. These chapters will be released weekly with a print collection of the chapters being released starting on May 16.

The print cover artist will be Gary Frank (SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN) and on the digital Cat Staggs. Here is a look at the first cover by Cat:

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