Sunday, January 22, 2012

SPORTS: A Look at LA's Possible Future NFL Stadium (News)

It is fast approaching two decades since the NFL had a team in the city of Los Angeles and while future prospects still seem cloudy there is hope. AEG, the entity that brought Staples Center to Downtown LA nearly thirteen years ago and has since built an ecosystem around the arena in the decade since named "LA Live", is looking to build a stadium right in the same area.

There is still plenty of red tape to go through and breaks are needed to happen for Los Angeles to get a willing team not just using the opportunity as leverage against its own market but roughly the idea is to remodel the ancient convention center that is adjacent to Staples Center and making it a part of the possible stadium project.

Recently the design firm in charge of the schematics of Farmers Field released new renderings in AEG's latest project update. Included in the restyled design is an ambitious level of innovation when it comes to converting the stadium to an enclosed environment with a deployable roof solution that takes retractable roofs of present day and blows them out of the water.

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