Friday, January 6, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Peanuts #1 (Review)

Writer: Charles Schulz, Vicki Scott & Shane Houghton
Artist: Vicki Scott & Matt Whitlock
Cover: Charles Schulz

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Price: $3.99

2012's first week of comics brought with it a stack nearly a person high - at least it felt that way. There was also a bit of a topsy-turvy feel to comics right now with most of the issues I am reading being in the single digits when it comes to issue numbering.

What has not changed is my selection of a best comic of the week to place at the very top of the stack and there were only two real contenders: WARLORD OF MARS: DEJAH THORIS #6, which brought fantastic art to the Sci-Fi fantasy book that combined with the penultimate installment of the current story arc made for an enticing story, but while outstanding just fell short of the actual pick, PEANUTS #1 from BOOM! Studios.

Last spring BOOM! Studios released a Peanuts graphic novel under their KABOOM! line that was so well received that now a monthly installment of stories featuring the Peanuts gang has started. A few inside are classic strips written by the creator of the comic strip, Charles Schulz, while Vicki Scott & Shane Houghton contribute the stories surrounding Schulz's Peanuts shorts.

The first story involved Lucy trying to rid herself of a song stuck in her head and how it keeps coming back no matter who she goes to for help. The second story again features Lucy, this time pulling Snoopy into her scheme to make some money when poor Frieda's cat goes missing. And for a perfect three for three, the final story is Lucy teaching the reader how to draw Charlie Brown. Between each short is a classic strip from Schulz and it goes to show the accurate portrayal of the characters that the issue is one seamless read of fun.

Like the stories, the art stays true to the characters and Schulz design of them. The cover is a shot of an excited Snoopy on Charlie Brown's back as they ride down a snow hill on a sled. There is a simple beauty to it, showcasing two iconic characters: a boy and his dog, being the best friends that they are. The interiors continue the vibrant simplicity, making the kids feel alive - Lucy especially radiates in the pages, showing all the facets of her personality from one panel to another.

It was mostly out of nostalgia that had me pick out this issue to read, and boy am I glad I did. These characters are just so fun to read, no matter what they happen to be doing. A perfect example of being timeless. This looks to be a four issue run and I plan on picking up each one. If you are a fan of all ages books or Peanuts strips - like me - then you will want to give this issue a buy. BOOM! Studios continues its excellent choices for the KABOOM! line.

Look to buy the PEANUTS #1 digital comic on Comixology or Graphicly for $1.99

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