Friday, January 20, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Tiny Titans #48 (Review)

Writer: Art Baltazar & Franco
Artist: Art Baltazar
Cover: Art Baltazar

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

If there is one thing I have learned in having written a weekly comic year for nearly two years is that I have a type of book that will almost always blow me away when I read it.

If it is fun, makes me laugh and want to read it forever like this week's TINY TITANS #48 then it will find itself on its way to the top of the stack by the time I read everything else.

And that is what happened this week. No other book really competed with the miniature heroes. There were a few solid issues, like IDW's STAR TREK #5, which does such a great job of capturing the world and characters from the new movie universe, or DC's BIRDS OF PREY #5, which kept me guessing as to what was really going on and is such a great looking book art-wise, but both seemed to miss that special sparkle that I always seem to see when a new issue of TINY TITANS graces my presence.

The longstanding creative team of Baltazar & Franco continue to weave an all-ages masterpiece with this series. As the cover teases, Baltazar & Franco have the TINY TITANS characters take on the idea of secret identities in only the way they can. By making use of pairs of thick-framed glasses, just like Clark Kent wears!

From Barbara taking of her cowl and finally revealing her full face and red hair - of which Robin seemed to be a fan of - to the titans taking a trip to Barbara's Secret Bat-Lair to try on vintage clothes found in her dad's old trunk, the story flowed from one silly moment to the next never losing the momentum of fun in the pages.

But best of all may be Wondergirl and her oranges. First the secret orange that tells her secrets and then her own wacky dream of Secret Oranges vs the Just Us Cows ... those pages steal the show and take the hilarity to another level.

The art continues to carry the energy of the characters and could easily translate to the animated world (if dreams would come true!) with the easy to recognize design of the characters and the ability to make anything seem possible in the TINY TITANS world.

I LOVE this book and any fan of DC or fun in general should give this comic a read. Easily something I would give to a younger relative, with quick, clever stories that get right to the punchline that also have nods to the older fans that know the DC Universe quite well. This is my favorite DCU title and it should be yours too.

The TINY TITANS #48 issue is not available digitally yet (BOO!) but look to buy the first 40 digital comic issues of TINY TITANS on Comixology for only $0.99 each.

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