Friday, January 27, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Teen Titans #5 (Review)

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund
Cover: Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

It looks like it only took a month of being back to reviewing comics on a weekly basis for a company to put together successive weeks of wowing me with a book that would keep them at the top of my reading stack and this week it was DC tightening its hold on top with the release of TEEN TITANS #5.

And I seemed to be in a team book haze this week as I also enjoyed DC's other legendary team book, JUSTICE LEAGUE #6. And while that issue with the adult team mixing it up with Darkseid was almost my choice, it was the intrigue in TEEN TITANS #5 that is Superboy as an unknown factor in the battle against the teen heroes that was just too great to pass up.

Writer Scott Lobdell has been at the helm of the series since the relaunch of TEEN TITANS in the New 52 DC initiative, and at the same time is pulling double duty by being the writer on SUPERBOY as well and readers of both are seeing the two series intertwine as N.O.W.H.E.R.E throws Superboy at the Titans.

The great thing about this issue's battle is how several of the characters get a moment to shine as they take on Superboy before the eventuality of Superboy gaining the upper hand takes place. For someone like me who is not too familiar with several of these new Titans - not including oldies like Red Robin, Kid Flash and Wondergirl who have new twists to their character in the DC 52 to learn about as well - it is great to get a feel for what Bunker and Solstice can do.

And the underlying theme so far in the series of that destruction seems to follow the teen heroes stays true in this issue as the battle with Superboy is really wrecking things around them and even Solstice's save of Kid Flash involved damaging a battleship in the harbor.

A perfect match for the story is the art in this book. The individuality of each character's abilities really come out on the pages, whether it be Superboy's tactile telekinesis or Bunker's psionic bricks, Kid Flash's speed, the action just looks fantastic.

I have always been a fan of team books, and especially that of the Teen Titans. It has been ages though since I've enjoyed the title and now with the fresh start of the DC 52 I think the series has a chance to do something special like the Titans books of decades ago and I can confidently say this is a great beginning so far.

Look to buy the TEEN TITANS #5 digital comic on Comixology for $1.99

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