Friday, April 13, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Fantastic Four # 605 (Review)

Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Ron Garney
Cover: Ron Garney & Jason Keith

Price: $2.99

If you ever wanted an example of where a writer and a series were seemingly made for each other, then you need not go any further than to look at Marvel's FANTASTIC FOUR by Jonathan Hickman.

Before he came onto the book years ago, FANTASTIC FOUR was always a title that I would read from time to time but it never stood out from the pack despite several big name creative teams.

Now it is a must read in my stack every month and the world Hickman has been able to nurture around the family is full enough to even support a second book, FF. There is just something Hickman gets about these characters and their world, making the stories feel different than anything else I am reading and finding ways to keep me guessing as nearly every issue reveals something new I was not expecting.

So of course even in a week where I was not really interested in reading a lot of words and was actually dreading picking up FANTASTIC FOUR #605 in fear of being overwhelmed with dialogue, instead I am presented with the biggest emotional tug I have had reading an F4 comic since #588 over a year ago.

That was the issue with Johnny Storm's sacrificial moment, so it makes sense for the issue to get a similar reaction from me it would involve one of the original group, this time Ben Grimm, The Thing. After the whole Galactus situation, the last thing I was expecting was for this to turn into a Reed Richards introspective story as he explores time and his good buddy Ben.

There is almost a classic feel I get when I look at the interior art. While I have enjoyed the various different artists over the years on the title, sometimes the style just does not fit the characters, but here Ron Garney seems to capture them well. Between the emotional gazes of Reed and Nathanial to the transformation of the Thing and a peek at future Franklin in action, the art really flows through the different circumstances.

As long as Marvel has Hickman with the series, I think FANTASTIC FOUR will always be a recommend in my books. The family has always had this jumping on mentality for me and I hope others can see them the same way and give this book a try if they have not read it.

Look to buy the FANTASTIC FOUR #605 digital comic on Comixology for $2.99

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