Friday, April 6, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Fairest #2 (Review)

Writer: Bill Willingham
Artist: Zander Cannon & Phil Jimenez
Cover: Adam Hughes

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

There are weeks sometimes as a comic reader where the standouts are few and far between. But for the second straight month FAIREST delivered a stellar issue and I could not justify putting any other book on top of it this week.

Of course the book is written by Bill Willingham, the creative brain behind FABLES, and if there was one thing you can take as a definite is his mastery of the fictional world he has been working on with these characters.

I have wanted to jump into the FABLES world for awhile now, so when FAIREST premiered last month I immediately grabbed on for dear life, looking for a long and wild ride ahead. And if the first two issues are any indication, FAIREST shall deliver.

This issue, FAIREST #2, jumps ahead in time a bit, bringing readers to Ali Baba and Briar Rose on the run from the raging Snow Queen. The consequences of the thief Ali Baba awakening the women captured by a goblin army with his "true love's" kiss in the first issue has him now being chased by one mad woman and escaping with the other.

While the story is apparently connected to FABLES, if from my enjoyment alone can be a measuring stick it does not seem to ruin the story if you are familiar with the circumstances surrounding Briar Rose's capture.

If you are looking for a good cover on a comic it is hard to beat Adam Hughes as the artist for such a task. I just love his art style and wish I could see him more often but it can only help draw eyes to this well deserved series. It is a large job to match up to such art, but Zander Cannon & Phil Jimenez did just that and even more with the interiors. From human characters to ice monsters, and from dark shadows to the bright white snow, or closeup moments to the step back scenery panels, the art is brilliant, really giving the book an epic feel. Something any fantasy story should have.

So far this series is two for two and after hearing so much acclaim for FABLES, I have no doubt that this book will achieve similar success. And it does not hurt that it focuses on the "fairer" sex. Fantasy is big in TV and films right now and I see no reason why this cannot be just as big within the comic book audience. I am just finding my way around the characters and still loving the hell out of this series.

Look to buy the FAIREST #2 digital comic on Comixology for $1.99

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