Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TV: Smallville Top 10 Superpower Moments (Commentary)

Smallville week continues here on GeekPlate with another Top 10 post for one of the most geek-friendly television shows in history. Join GeekPlate in celebrating the ten years of entertaining, visually stunning episodes this once in a lifetime show gave viewers of a town called Smallville. Today's post: 10 Memorable Superpower Moments.

10) S01E04 "X-Ray"

Clark Kent discovers he has X-ray vision.

Clark: Mom, if you could see anything, what would you do?
Martha: Learn to close my eyes.

09) S08E22 "Doomsday"

Clark Kent battles Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis.

Red-Blue Blur: Sometimes we cannot outrun our destiny.
Lois: But I thought you were invincible.
Red-Blue Blur: So did I.

08) S03E10 "Whisper"

Clark Kent is temporarily blinded and develops super-hearing to compensate.

Martha: His life has changed. And so has yours, but neither one of you will admit it. You both think you're Supermen who can do everything alone, but you can't anymore! You need to start relying on people, and so does he!

07) S06E02 "Sneeze"

Clark Kent catches a cold new ability - super breath.

Lois: Where did your barn door go? It was here late last night when I came to drop off the documents, and now it's gone.
Clark: Look at that, it is gone.
Lois: And it's been ripped right off its hinges. Oh my god, that barn door. I knew it looked familiar! Now how in the world does that happen?

06) S09E18 "Upgrade"

Clark Kent and Zod use arctic super breath to freeze Metallo.

05) S02E02 "Heat"

Clark Kents hits puberty as his raging hormones develops his heat vision ability.

Clark: Dad, you were right. Once I understood what triggered the heat, I was able to control it without thinking about ... sex.

04) S10E21 "Finale"

Clark Kent soars through Darkseid.

03) S02E21 "Accelerate"

Clark Kent super speeds with little Emily.

02) S06E22 "Phantom"

Chloe Sullivan saves Lois Lane from her mortal injury.

01) S04E01 "Crusade"

Kal-El takes first flight to fulfill his destiny.

Jonathan: Clark, your mother tells me you ... can fly?
Clark: Kal-El can fly. Clark Kent is still Earthbound.

That was it for this Smallville Top 10 installment. If you missed it, yesterday featured a Top 10 list on Smallville's episodes. Tomorrow's post will be a Top 10 covering the Clark Saves on the show. Enjoy Smallville week!

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