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TV: Smallville Top 10 Kisses (Commentary)

Day four of Smallville week on GeekPlate brings the last Top 10 post of this celebration. Enjoy a more intimate look at the show's ten seasons of episodes with today's entry: 10 Memorable Smallville Kisses.

10) S06E10 "Hydro"

Lois shares her first kiss with Clark after she mistakenly believes it is her boyfriend Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow costume.

Lois: Your secret is safe with me, Oliver ... You're, uh-
Oliver: That's a hell of a thank you.

09) S03E07 "Magnetic"

Getting their sleuth on in the hospital file room, Chloe pushes Clark against the file cabinets and kisses him to keep up the illusion they were just looking for a make out spot.

Doctor: What's going on? What are you two doing in here?
Chloe: ... Nothing

08) S02E22 "Calling"

Clark and Lana share a birthday kiss in the loft.

Lana: Make a wish.
Clark: I've been wishing for the same thing ever since I was five.
Lana: And now?
Clark: And now I don't have to. She's standing right here in front of me.

Honorable Mention: S09E06 "Crossfire" - In season nine there was this kiss that just missed being in the Top 10. The kiss in question would be the first official kiss between Clark Kent and Lois Lane - in regards to the previous two before this one, in "Hydro" Lois thought he was Oliver and in "Crimson" they were both under the influence of red kryptonite. Here they were both aware and Clark finally decided to cross the bridge to coupledom with Lois. A magical moment.

07) S02E14 "Rush"

Under the influence of a parasitic worm and red kryptonite, Chloe and Clark take their make out spree to the Talon.

Clark: So what do you want to do next?
Chloe: How about we play a game of strip poker?

06) S06E13 "Crimson"

In an empty office at the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois share a red kryptonite-influenced kiss.

Lois: You don't have to be macho just for me ... I like the dorky farm boy thing.
Clark: Dorkier than a hood and a quiver? Just because I don't wear a costume and splash my face all over the papers-
Lois: Clark! So what if your signature move is driving a tractor? I think it's adorable.
Kal: You know Lois, I think that it's is time for you to meet the real Clark Kent.

05) S08E09 "Abyss"

Back in the eighth grade shortly after they met for the first time, Clark and Chloe share their first kiss in the loft.

Clark: What was that for?
Chloe: I know you've been thinking about it all day, so I figured we'd just get it out of the way and be friends.

Honorable Mention: S04E11 "Unsafe" - This character could not go unrepresented on this list because of what she meant to Clark. I would be talking about Alicia Baker, a one-time girlfriend of Clark during Season 4, who was a teleporter and knew Clark's secret. As a result, in this fourth season episode, Alicia takes advantage of Clark's weakness to red kryptonite and has him wear a necklace laced with it to make him more agreeable to her suggestions of running away. They end up having some red-k make out sessions worthy of being remembered.

04) S02E04 "Red"

Clark shares a red kryptonite kiss with Lana in the Talon.

Clark: I've had feelings for you for a long time. And I know that you've had feelings for me too. So I think we should stop pretending.
Lana: So, so what? Is this supposed to be some, um, all-new Clark Kent?
Clark: Well that depends ... Do you like him?

03) S05E22 "Vessel"

In the Daily Planet during Dark Thursday, Clark and Chloe share an end of the world kiss.

Clark: What if something goes wrong? I don't want to leave you here.
Chloe: You have to. Clark ... I don't know if I'm ever going to see you again.

02) S08E14 "Requiem"

Clark fights against his Kryptonite weakness to share one last kiss with Lana in the loft.

Lana: That night, at the cemetery when I introduced you to my mom and dad, you told me that I would never be alone, that my mom would always be watching over me. We're in each other's hearts, Clark. I will always be with you ... no matter what. I love you.
Clark: I love you.

01) S10E05 "Isis"

After Clark admits to the truth that he is the Blur, Lois celebrates by tackling into a pile of files and kissing him.

Clark: All my life I've been afraid, Lois. Afraid of people knowing the truth about me. Afraid of them rejecting me and even if they didn't, still losing them. I've been afraid of everything I can't control. But when I was faced with the idea of losing you forever, it made me realize there's something I would regret more than anything else and that's not telling you the truth about me. Cause that's the only way we could share a life together. I know the odds are stacked against us and we'd be risking everything but if you're ready to take that leap, there's no one else that I'd want to take that leap with ... Lois, you've had a lot of questions about the Blur, it's me ... I'm the Blur.

That was it for this Smallville Top 10 installment. If you missed it, there were three previous Top 10 lists on GeekPlate featuring Smallville's best episodes, best superpower moments and best Clark saves. Look for a review of Smallville's final episode, "Finale", sometime during the weekend to close out Smallville week. Hope you have been enjoying looking back at some of the show's memorable moments and enjoy the finale!

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