Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TV: Smallville Top 10 Clark Saves (Commentary)

Day three of Smallville week arrives on GeekPlate with yet another Top 10 post on the superhero show. Enjoy GeekPlate's attempt at celebrating the show's ten years of entertaining episodes. Today's entry: 10 Memorable Clark Saves.

10) S04E17 "Onyx"

Clark saves Chloe from falling debris as Alexander watches on.

09) S01E01 "Pilot"

Lex swerves into Clark and drives into the water. Clark pulls him out.

08) S02E09 "Dichotic"

Clark jumps after Chloe to save her after Ian Randall threw her over the dam guardrail.

Honorable Mention: S01E03 "Hothead" - Coach Walt Arnold sets on fire the Smallville Torch office while Chloe is inside. The fire engulfs the room but Clark shows up and the coach backs off. The reason it gets honorable mention? Is the hilarious story Allison Mack told in an interview of how the repeated takes of throwing herself into Tom Welling's arms was beginning to ring her head and she had to tell him to soften up.

07) S06E19 "Nemesis"

Trapped together in underground tunnels, Lex frees Clark from the fallen pieces of the Kryptonite-lined walls.

06) S05E11 "Lockdown"

Clark super speeds in to save Lana from an exploding bomb.

05) S03E03 "Extinction"

Clark super speeds into Metropolis to save Lex from Van McNulty's sniper bullet aimed for his head.

Honorable Mention: S03E08 "Shattered" - Is there a more bittersweet save than in this episode when Clark stops a speeding car from hitting Lex, revealing his powers to his friend who he then abandons and lets get taken to a mental hospital.

04) S07E05 "Action"

Clark saves a free falling Lana after a crazed Warrior Angel fan throws her off Queen Tower.

03) S10E06 "Harvest"

Clark rushes in and protects Lois from a falling blue Kryptonite fire.

02) S08E01 "Odyssey"

After Clark is hit in the chest and mortally injured by a mind-controlled Oliver's arrows, John Jones and flies Clark towards the sun.

Honorable Mention: S10E02 "Shield" - As has been clear in preparing all these top 10 lists is that the show has progressed special effects wise as it gets into later seasons and paved the way for more ambitious saves. The one in this final season episode fits that bill with Clark being in a car with Cat Grant that gets shot and blown up and he saves her from the blast. Incredible visuals.

01) S09E17 "Checkmate"

Clark super speeds into a room full of Checkmate agents, taking them out and stopping a speeding bullet from hitting the tied up Chloe.

That was it for this Smallville Top 10 installment. If you missed it, yesterday featured a Top 10 list on Smallville's Memorable Superpower Moments. Tomorrow's post will be a Top 10 covering the Clark Kisses on the show. Enjoy Smallville week!

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