Friday, July 16, 2010

TV: Supergirl Returns to Smallville for S10 (News)

EW's Michael Ausiello announced earlier this week that Laura Vandervoort would return to the role of Kara for an episode in Smallville's upcoming tenth and final season.

I wish it was for a several episode arc at least, but as a big Kara fan from S7 I'll take what I can get and with Laura's role on ABC's V I'm sure her time is not as free as it once was. With the news last month that John Schneider would also be returning in season 10, this marks the second Smallville alum scheduled to return and hopefully there will be others that follow and help buffer the reduced presence Allison Mack will have in the final season.

The 10th season of Smallville premieres September 24, 2010 on the CW at 8PM.

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