Thursday, July 29, 2010

GAMING: 2010 SDCC News Highlights

Last week several industries traveled down to San Diego for a series of panels and interviews for fans that unveiled plans for the following year. Here's some of the interesting GAMING news to come out:

--At the Marvel vs Capcom 3 panel, Okami's spirit dog Amaterasu and Devil May Cry's Trish were among those announced as new characters for the game.
--DC Entertainment released a five minute trailer of their highly anticipated MMORPG, DC Universe Online.
--Top Cow Productions announced its intentions to develop a video game starring one of their flagship characters, Witchblade.
--Over at the Street Fighter Mania panel, it was announced that Street Fighter X Tekken would be coming.
--The Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series will be making the jump to consoles with a video game for the Nintendo Wii and DS.
--A Spider-Man:Shattered Dimensions trailer made its Comic-Con debut.
--Warner Bros. Interactive is developing a hardcore, violent game based off the DC Comics franchise, Suicide Squad.
--A Green Lantern video game is coming Summer 2011 but how connected it is to the movie will determine how high expectations are set.

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