Saturday, July 17, 2010

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Avengers Academy #2 (Review)

Written by Christos Gage
Art by Mike McKone
Cover by Mike McKone

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
Price: $2.99

In a week where most titles fell short of being satisfying, Avengers Academy made it to the top of the stack by being true to itself. The second issue into the new iteration of future Avengers that aren't the Young Avengers and probably will never be actual Avengers even though there are way too many Avengers groups is presented through the prospective of one of the new "students", Finesse.

We learn her origin and the extent of her powers, along with just how dangerous she is compared to the others in the group when she attempts to manipulate Hank Pym and inadvertently finds a much better target to fill her thirst for knowledge, Quicksilver. I must admit despite her slight, cold personality I am enamored with the analytical mind she possesses and right now seems like a great and terrible choice for the group's "leader". I imagine we'll learn the flaws of every character in the title but I'm betting there's a reason she was the first we learn about, after all her skills was how the group found out what the teachers think of them.

The cover is a bit misleading as the story has focused on the kids and not their teachers who make small cameos for the most part. Can't blame wanting to bank on the notable characters while they build up the unknowns, but I can certainly hold out hope that the teachers will eventually carry their share of stories in the pages of Avengers Academy.

Clearly it's an interesting direction to take the series by having the main stars in a position where they could become villains just as easily as they could be heroes and that they see the teachers as seeing them as threats. It's taking a step beyond what was explored in Avengers: the Initiative with the likes of Hardball and Trauma touching the side of evil. I haven't been able to enjoy villain books like Secret Six or Thunderbolts but I'm hoping that Avengers Academy will just skirt the edges and keep me reading for issues to come.

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