Friday, May 4, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Earth 2 #1 (Review)

Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott
Cover: Ivan Reis, Rod Reis & Joe Prado

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $3.99

If there is one thing that I am always open to when it comes to fiction stories, it is alternate universes. Characters are what attract me even when astory sometimes falters, which is probably the reason I read a lot more books than I probably should.

But when I found out that there was new ongoing series coming to DC that centered around an alternate universe, I just had to read it. And I was not let down.

EARTH 2 #1 by James Robinson was exactly what I was looking for. A different take on the characters I know and love, put into situations that would not happen in the main universe.

Robinson is a veteran DC writer with many notable works having been created over the years: STARMAN, and lengthy runs on SUPERMAN & JUSTICE LEAGUE. I have not had a chance to read the former but I did read his JUSTICE LEAGUE run that may not have wowed many but I loved his use of characters.

And it is the characters that carry this first issue. Seeing the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman put in the situation of a fight to the end, or a tearful goodbye between Batman and his daughter, Robin, and then let us not forget the peeks at a young Alan Scott and an even younger Jay Garrick. This world is different and I love it.

As if the concept of the story and the quality of the writing still is not enough to win you over, then how about the great art by Nicola Scott. Her attention to detail is clear with ever panel and character, muscle tone, body positioning, how the clothing falls on characters. The pages were crafted. The emotions shining through capes and cowls during the heavy moments and the action scenes fluid and diverse.

I know this will not be the book for everyone but everyone should give it a read. It is amazing how much a story can be changed even when the characters seem similar, and when the changes give you the opportunity to read something unique, it is worth the chance.

Look to buy the EARTH 2 #1 digital comic on Comixology for $2.99

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