Friday, March 16, 2012

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Legion Lost #7 (Review)

Writer: Tom DeFalco
Artist: Pete Woods
Cover: Pete Woods

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

One of the more complicated superhero titles to follow are ones that deal with the Legion of Super-Heroes. With a pool of so many characters available for creators to pick from, most of the time Legion books are not new reader friendly, but I would continue trying out issues hoping to get hooked.

Before the DC 52 relaunch I had come to enjoy several of the stories Paul Levitz told in ADVENTURE COMICS but since the New 52 started I had yet to find one Legion issue to reach that level of enjoyment until now with this week's LEGION LOST #7. It was inevitable for this series to eventually win me over, the premise of a small team being trapped in a time not their own being so appealing, reminds me a little bit of the Marvel series EXILES that I used to be a big fan of.

Like GREEN ARROW last week, LEGION LOST features a change from the relaunch creative team welcoming a new writer to the series, Tom DeFalco. A long-time comic writer, former Marvel Editor-In-Chief and creator of the Marvel character Spider-Girl, having DeFalco take over the reins continues the theme of having a veteran writer creating the stories for this team

And immediately this story went in a place I was not expecting. Most of the members were sidelined when it came to action but Timber Wolf covers that aspect more than enough and the focus of the issue was more on Tellus' psychic adventure as it turned out it should be. It was an unexpected twist to find out what exactly was the cause of the distressed, imprisoned woman but the story takes the reader to an emotional place that you cannot be prepared for.

Pete Woods on art, what more is there to say? He draws beautiful pages, and the interiors of LEGION LOST are some of the best to look at on a monthly basis. One of the great things about having Woods do a majority of DC work for the last decade is being able to see him do characters like the Legion all the way to the big shots of Superman and Batman.

As long as Woods is doing the art the series will always have a chance to be special. When stories match up like in this issue, it is easy to recommend this book to people even if they have no clue about the Legion and its world. Under the right hand this book has plenty of potential and DeFalco is starting off on the right step.

Look to buy the LEGION LOST #7 digital comic on Comixology for $1.99

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