Sunday, August 21, 2011

FILM: D23 Expo - Tangled Ever After Poster (News)

Disney's D23 Expo is going on in Anaheim, CA this weekend and as a convention for fans of everything Disney a lot of news is coming out from the Expo. One exciting tidbit is that the TANGLED universe will be coming together one more time in the form of an animated short much like the TOY STORY one that was in front of CARS 2 earlier this summer and the other TOY STORY short scheduled to be in front of THE MUPPETS movie this fall.

Directed by the feature film team of Nathan Greno (TANGLED) and Byron Howard (TANGLED), the short, named TANGLED EVER AFTER is scheduled to premiere on the Disney Channel sometime during Spring 2012. The poster unveiling the return of most if not all of the characters from the feature film, including the Stabbington Brothers, has been released online.

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