Monday, August 22, 2011

FILM: D23 Expo - First Look at Mike and Sulley in Monsters University (News)

Disney's D23 Expo happened this past weekend down in Anaheim, CA and as a convention for fans of everything Disney a lot of news is coming out from the Expo - like yesterday's post about TANGLED EVER AFTER. Another such news item from the Expo would be the progress Pixar has made with MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, the prequel to their 2001 hit animated feature film, MONSTERS INC.

As the new film is a prequel, Pixar animators have been tasked with the chore to tweak the looks of the main characters, Mike and Sulley, to fit with their younger personas being at a university, well before their time at Monsters Inc. Among the changes made, they were both slimmed down, Sulley getting a shaggier look than his older self while Mike has brighter skin and is wearing a retainer.

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY puts a scare into theatergoers on June 21, 2013.

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