Saturday, October 8, 2011

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Adventure Comics #527 (Review)

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Geraldo Borges & Marlo Alquiza
Cover: Eduardo Pansica & Eber Ferreira

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

It was event week to start off the month of June with the releases of FLASHPOINT #2 and FEAR ITSELF #3, but neither title wowed me and it was actually an event side book that gave the most competition for top of the stack with FLASHPOINT: THE WORLD OF FLASHPOINT #1 and its star Traci 13.

In the end however it was ADVENTURE COMICS #527 that won me over with its spotlight issue on one of the Legion Academy's residents, Comet Queen.

Veteran DC creative staple Paul Levitz has been the series writer for awhile now and his presence on the book is one of the reasons I have continued to read the book since its relaunch as a Superboy title to its transition to Legion of Super-Heroes stories because of his take on the legendary team is laced with fun, adventure and excitement. In fact, this he may have written his best issue yet this time around.

The story surrounds the character Comet Queen and her entire life, from her origin to how she landed in the Legion Academy in her own words as she tells the story to another star seeking character Her days as a child falling in love with space and gaining a crush on the Legionnaire, Bouncing Boy. And then her plan to become a Legionnaire by learning the origins of every Legionnaire and figuring out which would be a feasible path to follow - fate choosing for her to go through a comet like Star Boy.

Mix in a present time training scene at the academy where Comet Queen helps Glorith followed by an explanation why CQ is still at the Academy explaining her time with the League of Substitute Heroes, then Titanfall and what Saturn Queen did to her leading to a lot of her memories being gone for good. It was a well-rounded story that really had me as a reader connecting to this character that I knew very little about before the issue and now after the issue wanting to see her character around a lot more.

Geraldo Borges did the pencils for the issue and Marlo Alquiza was on inks, and the art inside the pages was solid. Drawing a Legion book can be a tough task given the wide variety of characters that might come up on a panel given the enormity of the group even for a team book but there was no drop off in quality with all these characters on the page. Each had their unique look and feel and never was there a moment when the identity of a figure could be confusing to the reader.

I find ADVENTURE COMICS to be one of the underrated series in the DCU and I will continue to be a faithful reader of the title as I find it slowly teaching me about the Legion Universe, an aspect of the DCU I was never terribly familiar with. Others is the same seat that I once was should give this series a shot.

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