Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TV: Returning Favorites to be Excited About (Commentary)

The new fall television season is about to start and here are some returning shows worth tuning in to.

Hawaii Five-0. CBS. Mondays. 10PM. Premiere Sept 19.

Last season saw the Five-0 team get disbanded as McGarrett was arrested for the murder of the governor, Chin Ho returned to Hawaii PD, Kono was being investigated and Danno had reunited with his ex and seemed ready to move back to New Jersey. This season sees a new recurring character make his presence felt around the Five-0, Lt. Commander Joe White, McGarrett's Navy SEAL training officer who comes to Hawaii in the season 2 premiere to help clean up the mess McGarrett has found himself in.

Glee. FOX. Tuesdays. 8PM. Premiere Sept 20.

Last season saw New Directions make it to Nationals in New York only for Finn to spontaneously kiss Rachel in the middle of their performance, a possible reason the glee club does not even place and Sue Sylvester has set her sights on the US Congress.

CSI. CBS. Wednesdays. 10PM. Premiere Sept 21.

Last season saw the CSI team and specifically Ray Langston face off against Nate Haskell, with Ray killing Haskell and the team having to decide if it was murder or self defense. This season sees an addition to the team, DB Russell, the new night-shift supervisor for the Las Vegas crime lab.

Bones. FOX. Thursdays. 9PM. Premiere Nov.

Last season saw the death of one of their own bring together Booth and Bones and a pregnancy will soon make 3.

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