Thursday, April 28, 2011

FILM: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer Breakdown (Commentary)

On Wednesday the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was released and like was done with Part 1, here on GeekPlate the trailer will be broken down and speculated about in this post. The hope is to point out most of what is revealed in the trailer and what part of the story the scene is from. Spoilers will follow from this point forward with the embedded trailer and the breakdown below it.

Throughout the trailer is a Voldemort voice-over that is probably what he says to bring Harry out to the forest to him.

0:06 - Snape is walking down an alley in Godric's Hollow. Most likely memory related, either a flashback or perhaps a new location for the scene between he and Harry.

0:10 - The Ravenclaw Diadem. One of the many horcruxes that have yet to be found or identified. Realization of Voldemort's nod to the founders will hopefully happen by the time the focus of the story returns to Hogwarts.

0:11 - Two girls on a hill, watching a flower grow in the redhead girl's palm. The girls are Lily and Petunia Evans as children and the moment is most likely from Snape's memories.

0:12 - An older hand holding the destroyed diary at Dumbledore's desk. Reasonable elimination of possibilities leads to the hand probably belonging to Professor McGonagall.

0:13 - A shot of Harry's arm reaching for a female arm in the forest. This is probably the resurrection stone scene with Lily in the forest. The only other possible female in the forest would be Narcissa and I do not see why Harry would reach for her.

0:16 - A look at Voldemort's face. It is only a short flash but from the perspective I could almost imagine it as a post-Harry's sacrifice scene.

0:23 - Harry kneeling at Dobby's grave outside Shell Cottage and glancing at the broken mirror shard. Has to be one of the opening scenes of the film.

0:27 - An angled closeup of Harry's face, probably during an introspective/emotional moment.

0:30 - Fenrir Greyback being thrown back by a spell. The background looks like Hogwarts, so the final battle is a safe bet.

0:32 - Voldemort at Malfoy Manor with bodies littering the floor and Draco with his head bowed. Clearly the aftermath of Voldemort's rage at Harry's escape and probably one of the first scenes of part 2.

0:36 - A cart ride through the depths of Gringotts. Interesting to see that it has evolved since the days of the first film but not really surprising. Looks like they are being chased by another cart. Then there is the guard dragon on the main level of Gringotts being ridden by Harry, Hermione and Ron followed by the guard dragon's fiery breath. These moments are from their search for Hufflepuff's cup and the escape from Gringotts.

0:42 - Snape standing outside the Potter's blown up home at Godric's Hollow. A continuation of the scene that began the trailer, makes me curious to where they are going with this.

0:44 - Outside the Great Hall where students appear to be gathering an animated armored knight falls into a defensive stance at the entrance. Possibly right before the final battle, with Hogwarts getting ready to fight as well.

0:47 - Voldemort standing with his Death Eaters. Bellatrix and Pius Thicknesse are directly behind Voldemort. I assume this is part of their march on Hogwarts.

0:51 - Harry grimacing somewhere in Hogwarts. That is usually the way Harry reacts in the films when Voldemort is near or angry.

0:53 - People scatter as Hogwarts is blasted and debris rains down. Definitely part of the final battle.

0:54 - Shacklebolt deflects a spell at the entrance of Hogwarts as Harry, Ron and Hermione approach. More of the final battle, depending on how Yates has decided to film the movie I have a feeling this is just before Harry and Voldemort's face off.

0:55 - Narcissa turning around in the forest. I imagine this could be her turning around to lie to Voldemort and declare Harry dead.

1:02 - The Weasleys surround a fallen Fred. This should take place after the retrieval of the diadem but before Harry takes on Voldemort and I doubt there will be a dry eye from anyone in the theater.

1:05 - Voldemort, Nagini and Bellatrix are at some type of hill/cliff as a spell expands before them. Now this is one part of the film that I have no idea where it is supposed to take place. All I have come up with is maybe this moment is just after Voldemort retrieved the Elder Wand and is giving it another test of its strength.

1:07 - Tonks and Lupin reach for each other. Probably part of their last moments on screen, I imagine there will be probably a passing reference to their demise whether it be a reference or passing shot of their fallen bodies but I do not imagine it will be onscreen.

1:10 - Harry pulls Voldemort off a bridge. I do not know what to think of this moment, it was the part of the trailer that had me stop with bewilderment. This feels like it will be something like the dragon challenge in Goblet of Fire where they went off in a tangent to make things more interesting. Cannot wait to see how they come back from that jump.

1:17 - Snape twirls his cape and disappears in the Great Hall. From the mysterious shapes made with his cloak it is easy to connect the dots to the moment where he is run out of Hogwarts and was said to fly off like a bat.

1:19 - Hermione and Ron run away from the fiendfyre rushing behind them. This is in the Room of Requirement when in search of the diadem, they cross path with Draco and his fellow Slytherins.

1:22 - The Hogwarts paved courtyard is in chaos with the final battle. If you look closely the statue is moving as part of the castle fighting back and there appears to be a giant among the wizards battling.

1:25 - What appears to be the Hogwarts covered bridge begins to blow up and fall apart, catching several people trying to cross it.

1:28 - Molly and Bellatrix face off. Looks like it will go down in the Great Hall and is started because Bellatrix fired a spell in Ginny's direction. I think everyone is waiting to hear Molly yell, "Not my daughter, you bitch!"

1: 31 - Harry and Voldemort wands do battle. The films have fallen in love with the aspect of Harry and Voldemort's wands continuously connecting even when they no longer have brother wands. The awesome visual is worth repetition and is most likely part of the final showdown.

1:38 - Hogwarts reaction shot. Ginny is screaming, Arthur catches her, Neville is looking grim as others look on behind. This is either the battle is over or Harry's apparent death. I am leaning towards the latter given the faces on the characters.

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