Thursday, March 10, 2011

COMIC: Top of the Stack - Tiny Titans #37 (Review)

Written by Art Baltazar & Franco Aureliani
Pencils by Art Baltazar
Cover by Art Baltazar

Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $2.99

The third week of comic book releases in February brought a huge stack to my attention, with over twenty titles to read but I like a challenge. Several titles caught my eye, including the next issue of Brightest Day following the previous issue's cutting finale, the first issue of Justice League of America's Eclipso storyline and of course because of my enjoyment of all-ages titles there was the premiere issue of Young Justice, the companion book for the new Cartoon Network animated series. But in the end it was Tiny Titans consistent quality that has made it a multiple time top of the stack winner, including this week with issue #37.

Tiny Titans regular creative team of Baltazar and Franco are still going strong on the title and quality in the pages exemplifies this. With stories simple enough for young kids to follow but inventive enough and full of callbacks to the DC Universe history and lore that older readers can enjoy along with them.

This issue brings Fawcett City's Shazam! (Marvel) Family into the Tiny Titans mix with Billy, Mary, Freddie, Hoppy and Tawny visiting the other characters. Superboy tries the "Captain Marvel" thing, as does Psimon who tries to find his magic word and the Super Pets catch a nap together. Another solid set of stories bringing the fun and cute to readers.

Baltazar's cover highlights the Shazam! (Marvel) Family's presence in the issue and once again another set of DC characters are wonderfully transformed into Tiny Titans versions that leave you feeling like they always belonged that way. Each panel is filled with a fun energy that perfectly paces with the words while also having a depth to the art that entices the reader to come back and read pages over and over again to notice things they might have missed in their first read-through.

I hope this series is around for a long time, as I feel it laps the rest of the competition each month when it comes to all-ages titles, and I do not seeing that fact changing anytime soon as long as the creative team of Baltazar and Franco stay on the book. It is easy to recommend Tiny Titans to any comic book reader looking for a funny, light book that will have them smiling throughout the pages.

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