Friday, February 11, 2011

TV: A Luthor-sized Finale for Smallville (News)

Entering its tenth and final season on the CW, Smallville has been pulling out all the stops to make the season a memorable ones for the fans and the cast. Returning guest stars have come out of the woodwork to make appearances this season, including long-time former regulars of the show: John Schneider, Annette O'Toole & Allison Mack. But there was always the one hold out that fans were eagerly hoping would return to fill the void that has existed in the show since he left. The wait is over.

Straight from his own twitter account, Michael Rosenbaum confirms reports leaked out earlier today that he would be returning to Smallville to play Lex Luthor one more time in the two hour season finale.

From @mrosenbaum711:
I'm excited to come back one last time. Just promise me you'll all watch my new stuff. Then we will be even. Haha. Rock the hell on friends!

Having the original Lex Luthor return was the last hurdle for Smallville to cross to make season 10 truly one to remember. Now that it will soon be a reality in the next three months, nothing can stop the show from using its second chance at going out with a big bang and giving a true sendoff to the show and its characters.

Check out Geek Plate's Tumblr for today's picspam on the Smallville/Lex Luthor theme.

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